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The Art of story Telling - Minimalism
Posted at Jan 17, 2018

Story-telling is an age long art, it’s a skill that has given us an insight into people's everyday life , helping us understand their culture and history better. A good story is one that interacts with its audience and  has a personal touch,  people can identify with. Interior design is a form of art, the art of storytelling. Its the art of telling peoples everyday stories through their interior space as  Interior spaces aren’t just meant to be trendy, but should convey the message about our everyday lifestyleThis week, we’ll take the style minimalism and interpret it through different perspectives.

Minimalism is a movement that started around the 20th century and its origin hasn’t been fully established but can be said to have probably evolved from the culmination of the De stijl  style ,Bauhaus movement and the Japanese architecture, all of which pushed for simplicity and purity of form. Overtime the movement has transcended the arts into everyday living, A tenet that believes people should live with just what they need and remove excesses, as this enables them to develop real connections and focus on the truly important things that will generate happiness.

This has however come with a lot of rules that when minimalism is mentioned, the words that come to mind are bland, austere, cold, costly amongst others. As the style has been associated with, expensive furniture, a black and white aesthetics, smooth finishes, steel, open spaces and little or no ornamentation.While all these are good, minimalism should be personal and should tell the person’s story.

So If you are a minimalist and you love colours while not incorporate it into your design,

If you are a minimalist and you appreciate vintage pieces while not use it in your design,

If you are a minimalist and you have that large ornamentation that shouts loud from across the room, while not use it as a focal point in the house and downplay with other things.

After all the key to minimalism is reduction to what you truly need and makes you happy, Isn't it lovely when you house is a creative choice rather than a forced boundary. Its only when we take minimalism on a personal level, that our true stories can actually be told.