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Client inquiry

This is the foremost meeting with the client, where we get to know who they are their preferences and their budget. depending on where the meeting is held, measurements are either taken immediately or left for another day.
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Concept Development

We take this information to the office and empathize with the client based on this first meeting. This is then translated to a concept scheme, which will show the space layout, possible structural modifications, furniture layout, mood boards and sample boards
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Detailed design

This is based on the clients approval of the concept presented, final adjustments are made and more detailed drawings such as furniture plan, lighting plan are drafted for the client to sign-off, finishes are also agreed upon to proceed to the next stage.  
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This come after the sign-off and the cost implication of the design has been presented and approved by the client.
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Project management

Once procurement has been settled, the timeline for the project can then be established, The progress is monitored and duly communicated to the client, so as meet the expected deadline .
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